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• A B O U T   M E •

Born in United States: Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1960

1972-1975: Studied at Children`s Theater Company school; appeared in several productions
1974-1975: Worked with Minnesota Dance Theatre
1976-1979: Attended Natinal Ballet School of Canada (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

1979: Joined Dutch National Ballet, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Became principal dancer in 1985.

Danced lead roles in all full-length classical ballets.

1988: lead role in the dance film about the life of Vincent Van Gogh
1990: Awarded Gold dance Prize

  Thoughout my dance career I have remained fascinated by performers, designers and artists of all types and backgrounds.

The temptation and growing necessity to explore and experiment for myself the endless expressions and aesthetics of the visual world have been part of days and nights for the last 35 years

Looking back at my work, I keep seeing the result of a personal translation of the fragile line between dreams and reality or history and actuality. I experience it as a psychological act of creating that merges into compositions that betray both my conscious and unconscious concern for the bond between humanity and nature. I therefore enjoy fusing painting and drawing with abstraction, representation and information that covers the entire surface. I do not use a preordained symbolism. I begin a work with a conscious subject and freely explore my feelings about it by way of free association. Each pictorial element reveals another aspect on the subjects's emotional and aesthetic meanings. 

 Upon discovering my work, you may be surprised by an ambiguity of space and volume and subject. The surface of my work is often textured by different media such as paint, collage,or cutouts, and even spiced up with caligraphy . Although I intentionally employ recognizable images and words for their content and meaning, I utilize the same words and images for their inherent graphic qualities in order to achive a challenging balance between the visual and intellectual attributes and the underlying tension between the political and poetical aspects of an artwork. Yet, this searching process signifies above all for an invitation for the viewer to think about the gap between perception, intention and interpretation.